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The Hero’s Journey (and 2 AMAZING videos)

The Hero’s Journey: What are we holding back from?  What are we NOT doing because we think it’s unpopular, not what we’re supposed to do, or too difficult to achieve?

Stepping In:  The Hero’s Journey (as identified by Joseph Campbell) has been completely relevant to us as we’ve challenged our own norms– quitting comfortable jobs, leaving our birthplaces, saying goodbye to friends and family, exhausting our savings, and continuing to walk into the unknown…

The journey is not always meant to be understood, it is simply meant to be taken.

This Vulnerable Life:  As we open ourselves to the possibilities of the unforeseen, we initiate latent capabilities and creative force which drives us into ecstatic new realms of existence.  We sacrifice comfort because it is on the edge of the unknown where we find Truth.

On the journey Life can feel really unnerving (sometimes daily), but therein lies the blessing.

We push ourselves into vulnerability, because it connects us to others, and inspires the BEST of what’s around.  Which, in turn, reveals life as brilliantly abundant– capable beyond our wildest imaginations.

It’s time we reach out to others, grasp hands, and step together into The Hero’s Journey.

In joy…


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