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How to Say Thank You


Over the course of a day, what 2 words are uttered more than any other?  (Leave the vulgar sarcasm for another time.)

Thank you.

Us Americans have a special reputation for offering thanks at every exchange– on a par with Canadiens and their stream of apologies.

Yet, do we really mean it?  Rather, do we really FEEL it?

Saying thanks is an offering of gratitude– a sacred transaction of Ultimate Awareness.  By Ultimate Awareness, I mean to say offering gratitude is an expression tethered to the awareness that all things; big and small, significant and insignificant, dark and light, joyous and fearful, matter.

Gratitude is about seeing the opportunity in each moment.  It’s about Feeling the Present as a Divine Expression of the Infinite.  Gratitude is a relinquishment of power and control.  Gratitude is often a faith-based act that All Things are Perfect.

Gratitude is accepting yourself, the circumstances of your environment, and the people who share in your experiences.

Saying thanks = Namaste.  The Divine in Me recognizes the Divine in You.

The encouragement here is to try it.  Try and make each expression of gratitude a true feeling of acceptance.  Make that exchange at the grocery store or bank a “bigger picture” recognition that It’s All Good.

Slow down when you say thanks.  Look the person in the eye.  And feel it.  Say it with Intention.

It Starts Now.

Thank You.


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