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Facing Fear


We’ve become a culture of avoidance, one predicated upon independence, on fierce self sufficiency. What we avoid is our most personal adversary, that nagging entity that continuously resurfaces causing our moments of rage, insecurity, jealousy, etc… Call that entity what you will–fear, is perhaps most apt.

Feel how you handle these moments of adversity. And ask– Do I search for blame? Do I try and run? Do I reinforce the walls of protection?

Because it is from these personal responses that we are willing to accept the national/cultural rallying cries of equal measure.

Yet, this adversary isn’t going away. It will continue to emerge, to manifest in different forms at various times. How we interact with life on the most personal level dictates our behavior on a global scale.

Therefore, this entity must be transformed. Transformation through acceptance. Through vulnerability. When we begin to transform our fears we find something incredible happens. We begin to empathize and feel compassion towards everyone, towards everything. Our door to love, to true freedom.

We have evolved as beings with 2 legs because we must stand up and face our challenges. We must not run. We must not build walls or point fingers.

The time IS NOW.


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